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4 Easy Steps To Create A Cozy Cottage Kitchen

Nothing is more welcoming than a charming cottage kitchen to gather with friends and family over a home cooked meal. Transform your kitchen into a cozy cooking space with our 4 tips!

1. Open shelving

Open Shelving and plate racks exude cottage style. Brackets or corbels that hold the shelves are important for a true cottage look. Keep them simple but stately. Rather than splurging on new shelves, remove the doors from an existing cabinet or two to create inexpensive open shelving.

2. Shutters Whether cafe- or full-height, shutters are the quintessential cottage window treatment. And they're not just for privacy. Use them for pantry doors or creative decorating to create the cottage charm feel.

3. White Finish

Cottage-style color schemes often consist of white and soft pastels. Brighten up the space by incorporating chippy, sanded paint that embraces imperfection. Cream and white are best bets for cottage kitchens — and don't be afraid to layer a variety of neutrals, like white, gray and tan

4. Get Eclectic! You'll rarely find matching sets in cottage country rooms. Most pieces are sourced from various places, from flea markets scores to family attics, the biggest key to remember is that nothing should ever be too perfect or precious. Heirlooms and primitive treasures offer a laid back charm that really makes a country cottage style sing. plenty of collections from dishes, tin canisters and cookbooks.

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