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How To Decorate A Shabby Chic Home

Decorating with Shabby Chic style over the years – I have learned that by following a basic formula is absolutely essential to make it truly reflect the “crème de la crème” of the style of Shabby Chic. Just like the style itself, this formula is pretty simple, making it easy (and quite fun, transferring any room into an eclectic Shabby Chic style.

So, what is this formula you might ask? It's four words.

Cozy, comfortable, vintage, and pretty.

When embracing the Shabby Chic Formula, you can intern implement other styles of décor into it making it a look that is truly all your own - as well as being esthetically pleasing. Whether you have a taste for Bohemian, Traditional, French Country Romantic, Paris Apartment, Tre-Chic, Industrial Chic, and or Hollywood Regency – The possibilities are endless – And more importantly won’t break the bank!

Another fascinating tid-bit about this décor is that, while it continues to grow in popularity at unprecedented rates, it is also a style of décor that has been loved and adored long since the Victorian era – which dates back 100’s of years ago, embracing both the English and the French scheme.

Whether it be English Roses, or French Fleurs, Shabby Chic is sweetly and softly understated, and is the epitome of timeless charm in its own right of simple and divine beauty.

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