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What is Shabby Chic?
Shabby chic is a style of home decor and furnishings that typically encompasses a two-part esthetic, intertwining an elegant balance of opulent, yet comfortable luxury, beautifully integrated with a sophisticated style of ‘old world’ charm. It is soft, subtle, romantic, and tastefully refined with vintage appointments that accentuates grace and rustic esthetics. In other words, if Marie Antoinette moved to modern New York City this would most likely be her choice style of home decorating. Shabby chic is undoubtedly feminine but unabashedly opulent, this rustic hybrid space is illuminated by a Versailles-worthy chandelier, sumptuously comfortable furnishings, complete with charming antiques and lush floral centerpieces.
Where Do Your Products Come From?

Shabby Roses, Inc. has meticulously crafted a line of partnerships and collaborations with some of the most respected global brands across the luxury market space.  Today, Shabby Roses, Inc. proudly offers an expertly curated collection of beautifully appointed aesthetics, that distinctively cater to the styles of shabby chic, French country and cottage romantic home decor and fine home furnishings.

Does Every Product Really Ship For Free? 

YES!  Shabby Roses Inc. offers a first in class, five star level of customer service, everything that we offer comes with an automatic iron clad return policy that promises a solidified 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as FREE shipping on everything store-wide. Shabby Roses, Inc. is devoted to providing exceptional customer service, outstanding quality in our products and a customer assistance that is crafted to be a delightful and highly personalized experience.  Our customers satisfaction is everything to us - and if that means taking a loss - we will do it. 

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